Central New York’s Premier Trap League
Perfect Squads 125 x 125

CNY League Perfect Squads:

A “perfect squad” consists of all 5 shooters in one squad each shooting a score of 25! It would seem that it should happen more often, but actually it is a very rare event in the League for a squad to turn in a perfect 125×125.

Toad Harbor had a perfect squad July 13, 2016 with Craig Chesbro, Don Sadue, Glenn Adams, Keith Chesbro, and Brad Surlock (see pic below). Toad Harbor had two other perfect squads on League nights. On July 7, 1992, Jim Raus, Rick Ashley, F. Van Auken, Nelson Pratt, and Ed Charlebois accomplished the feat. On July 8, 2008, Rick Mothersell, Joe Macewicz, Nelson Pratt, Jon Karp, and Dave McCrea joined them.

Camillus shooters Chuck Parker, Chuck Cooper, Dave Shipman, Joe Parfitt, and Bob Weigand ran a perfect 125×125 on August 15, 2006.

The North Team has also turned in two perfect 125×125 sub-events during the 250 target 5-Man Team event at the League Championship. At the 2009 CNY League Championship, Todd Lund, Pete Savino, Joe Macewicz, Todd Wilder, and Rick Mothersell accomplished the feat, and in 2012, Chris Coogan, Nelson Pratt, Don Sadue, Gary Rizzo, and Todd Lund did the same.

Notice how Nelson Pratt appeared repeatedly on a number of these teams?

The NORTH 5-Man Team in 2000 had a perfect squad and the plaque to show below. The squad was Gary Dobies, Robin Turck, John Eline, Joe Campbell, and Chuck Parker.

Unfortunately, League records for older years are almost nonexistent, and it is possible there have been a handful of other perfect squads over the years. It has been said that Pathfinder had one, but details are lacking.

7.8.2008 perfect Squad

CNY perfect toad 071216

2012 North 125x125

IMG_0752 2009 5-man Team 125×125 -  Lund, Savino, Macewicz, Wilder, & Mothersell

2006 Camillus 125x125 001

Also, another record that should be noted is not just a “perfect squad” but a “perfect season” turned in by Toad Harbor in 1996, finishing the season with a perfect 40 points, all wins, no ties!

Lg Final 1996

2000 5 man team north plaque