Central New York’s Premier Trap League
League Annual Championship Tournament

At the end of the season, all the teams, in both the North and South Division, come together for the League Championship Tournament at one club location. This is a 50 target event open to all shooters that participated in the league that year. League Championship trophies are awarded for League Champion, Champion-Runner Up, Class winners and Category winners. Season High Average prizes are also awarded to overall High Average shooter, as well as High Average Shooters in each Division (with no duplication). See below for more details.

Shooters are classified based on their season averages by this schedule-
Class Averages:
Class AA  .940 to 100
Class A    .880 to .939
Class B    .820 to .879
Class C    .760 to .819
Class D    .759 and under

Target Requirements for League Championship Tournament:
All League shooters are eligible to participate in the year-end League Championship Tournament
. To avoid penalty classification of Class AA, shooters must post scores totaling at least one more than half of the League season shoots in their Division. If a team has the BYE night, they may optionally hold a shoot at their home club for their shooters to post OPTIONAL scores for an individual shooter's season average.

Annual Tournament Awards: High Team/Club of the Day, High Gun, High Gun Runner-Up, High Lady, High Sub Junior, High Junior, High Veteran, High Senior Veteran, Winning 5-Man Team, Winner from each Class (AA, A , B , C, and D Class), Overall 1st & 2nd place Teams

Overall League & Division High Average Shooter Trophies:
To be eligible, you must have shot at least 80% of the shoots in the South or North, including the first and last shoot of the League season. Overall League High average cannot win a Division High Average trophy.

Category High Average Trophies:
Except for Junior and Sub Junior shooters, Category shooters must have shot at least 65% of the League shoots to qualify for Season High Average Trophies. Sub Juniors and Juniors in the South and North need to shoot 60% of the shoots in the season.

League High Average Trophies go to:
Overall League High Average
Division High Average (North & South)
High Lady (North & South)
High Sub Junior (N&S, age 12-15)
High Junior (N&S, age 16-18)
High Veteran (N&S, age 62-69)
High Senior Veteran (N&S, age 70+)
Most Improved Average (North & South)
Team League Trophies are awarded to the top 2 Teams in each division, North and South.

North vs South Teams (5-Man Team):
The top 5 average shooters in each division will shoot against each other to win the 5-Man Team event. You must have shot at least 80% of the League shoots in the South or North, including the 1st and last shoots. You are NOT eligible for the 5-man Team if you do not compete in the main 50-target event of the Annual Shoot-Off Tournament.

Most Improved Shooter:
You must have shot at least 65% of the League shoots in each of the current and previous league seasons.