Central New York’s Premier Trap League

The Central New York Trap League is the premier trapshooting league in New York, possibly the entire country! Beginning in 1960, there are now approximately 800 participants in the two-division annual summer season format, culminating in the year-end League Championship Tournament bringing all clubs/teams together to determine the CNY Trap League Champions.

CNY Trap League 2024 season schedule is posted.

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2013 at Toad Harbor


2023 Season : 320 shooters participated in the CNY Annual Tournament from the 720 member CNY Trap League for the 2023 season. Pompey won the CNY Trap League 2023 season and Southern Division by two targets over Skaneateles at the CNY Annual Tournament. Remington Rupert (SJR), from Toad Harbor went 124 out of 125 targets to capture the 2023 CNY High Gun Trophy over Tim Wilcox from Pompey. Northern Division 5-Man Team of Joe Fredericks, Dan Fadden, Alan Morse, Mike Dankiw, and Chuck Parker beat the Southern Division 5-Man Team.



THANK YOU! To all participants, volunteers, Team Captains, Officers, Kitchen help, scorers, and loaders for a great SEASON and Championship Tournament for 2022!

2022 CNY Trap League Annual Tournament Scores High to Low August 28 at Toad Harbor Rod & Gun

2022 CNY Trap League Trophy Winners



2020 CNY Trap League Champions & High Averages Click HERE


2019 Season Highlights

In the Southern Division, Skaneateles's 391 beats Pompey's 387 for Division winner and also defeats Toad Harbor for the 2019 CNY Annual Tournament Team Champions. Len Kallfelz wins High Gun over Joe Macewicz, Mike Rice, and Zach Humez. Carson Haaf from Pompey won his shoot off against Allyson Tomkos from Bridgeport to claim the Sub Junior champion trophy for 2019. Cliff Haff -Senior Vet, Joanna Bishop -Lady, Mike Bumpus Jr -Junior, Crag Chesbro -Veteran, all won their categories. Class winners were Mike Rice- AA class, Rich Bobbett- A class, Dave Urban- B Class, Jan Narewski- C class, and Richard Petrie- D class.

Heidi Womer of Skaneateles is the first lady to claim the league's High Average award for 2019!

South 5-man Team, Heidi Womer .9789, Len Kallfelz .9740, Tim Corrente .9711, Rick Kenyon .9663, Matt Carr .9600, beat the North 5-man Team for 2019.

Long runs for 2019 were Patty Logan with 125 straight, followed by Heidi Womer, Len Kalfelz, Tim Corrente, Brian Kiteveles, Jim Dries, Chris Coogan, and Michael Rice with 100 straight.

At the NY Trapshooting Championships Skaneateles shooters really stood out . . . again. Many-time All-American Justin Slater added to his long list of Championships winning the Doubles, the HAA, and the HOA Championships, plus the Singles Champion Runner-up title. At the same time, a new State Champion from Skaneateles broke a long-time barrier in the Singles Championship. Heidi Womer outlasted Justin and two other shooters in shoot-off for the Singles Championship. Any shootoff is a high pressure situation, but when it came down to Heidi and fellow teammate Justin for the State Championship, I have to believe that pressure was ramped up a notch. Heidi is now the first woman to claim the NYS Singles Championship in the 158 year history of the event!!!

Also, if anyone remembers Heidi's husband Urb . . . he did ok too, tying for the state Doubles Championship with Justin, and claiming the State HAA and HOA Sub-Vet titles. From Camillus, Marco Palumbo, again, won the NYS Junior Singles Championship with a 197x200.



2018 Season Highlights

2018 CNY Trap League Annual Shoot Off Tournament Scores

2018 was Tim Corrente's year in the CNY Trap League! We all knew heading into the Championship that Tim had won the League Hi-Average award, and at the Championship he broke 50x50 plus another 25x25 in a shoot-off to claim the League Champion title, and he added a 49x50 in the South's win over the North in the 5-Man competition. Not a bad year!

Skaneateles won the League Championship at Toad Harbor this year beating Pathfinder, but Toad Harbor took Club of the Day with the highest team score of 388x400.

2018 CNY Trap League WINNERS List

Thanks to all the participants in the Annual Shoot Off September 9, 2018 at Toad Harbor. The link above has all the winners (High Averages and Shoot Off Winners for 2018) as well as the other pages on the website.

Week 20 Highlights: Tim Corrente of Camillus is the 2018 League Hi Average Winner with 98.00% for the season! Pathfinder beats Central Square 194 to 178, while Toad Harbor beats South Shore 200 to 196. Pathfinder is the 2018 Northern Division Champ!

In the South, Camillus gave it everything against Division Champs Skaneateles, coming up one 25 short in a 199 to 200 loss. Skaneateles only needed a tie to claim the Division title in the South, and they made sure of at least that with twelve 25's. Pompey beat Bridgeport 196 to 193, finishing second in the Division again. Three Rivers really poured it on with the last couple squads, pounding DeWitt 199 to 186. Things are really looking up for Three Rivers, not a large team, but they have a number of shooters in contention for the 5-man Team.

2018 Most 200's: Pompey (4), Skaneteles (7), Pathfinder (3), Toad Harbor (4)

2018 Current Streaks: Frank Kulas Jr., Rick Liberty and Chad Findlay with 50 straight.

2018 Long Runs: Rick Kenyon (2), Rick Liberty, Rick Tassone, Tim Nottell, Mike Vaadi II, Tim Corrente, and Bob Green with 100.

2018 1st-Time League 25's: Matt Salvatore, Steve Turco, John Butler, Dathen Bennett, Mike Zgardzinski, Chuck Ganley, Nolan Miller, Joe Massack, Dean Betts, Nick Cuppernell, Dillion Nerber, Karen Wilcox, Anthony Peterson, James Similie, Thomas Steding, Dave Schmid, Taylor Egy, Dan Mosack, Todd Garris, Wes House, Dan Dancks and Russ Palmer.

2018 Most 25's (Format changed to present separate totals for N & S due to potential difference in # of weeks shot):

Mike Vaadi II 8 Pathfinder Tim Corrente 11 Camillus
Mark Cole 7 Pathfinder Rick Kenyon 10 DeWitt
Craig Chesbro 7 Toad Harbor Jim St. Pierre 9 Pompey
Keith Chesbro 7 Toad Harbor Tim Wilcox 9 Pompey
Bob Green 6 Toad Harbor Rick Tassone 9 Bridgeport

2018 Average Leaders. (Only including those that have shot 1st and last week, and not missed more than 7 weeks in North or 4 weeks in South): Any ties for the 5-Man Team eligibility will be settled based on the shooters' score on the 50 targets in the League Championship.

Note: High-Average listings for North & South, regardless of target requirements, are available at the League High-Averages link in heading at top of page.

Dan Frigon Jr 96.62 Central Square Tim Corrente 98.00 Camillus
Dave McCrea 96.50 Toad Harbor Rick Kenyon 97.26 DeWitt
Craig Chesbro 96.50 Toad Harbor Art Harris 96.84 3 Rivers
Gary Rizzo 96.00 North Sportsman Tim Wilcox 96.67 Pompey
Mark Cole 95.75 Pathfinder Chad Findlay 96.67 3 Rivers
Keith Chesbro 95.50 Toad Harbor Cliff Haaf 96.60 Pompey
Rick Liberty 96.25 3 Rivers

2017 Season Highlights

2017 CNY Trap Annual Tournament Scores & Winners (Sorted by High to Low)

Congratulations to Chad Findlay from Three Rivers, who is the 2017 CNY Trap League Champion after a three round shoot-off! After the first round of shoot-offs, it came down to Chad and Pompey's Jim St. Pierre. In the second round, Chad overcame one of the toughest things a shooter has to control in a shoot-off - dropping an early target and not letting it get away from you. He kept his head down and kept on breaking the remaining targets, and was given another chance when Jim dropped his 24th target to cause a third round. In the last round, Chad prevailed to claim the championship and Jim claimed the Champion-Runner trophy. This is the second year in a row, when with only 2 shooters left, a shooter dropped his 24th target to let the other shooter back in.

The South's 5-man Team of Earl Wilcox, Rick Liberty, Jim St. Pierre, Cliff Haaf, and Len Kallfelz prevailed in a narrow win against the North, in a match that neither team seemed to want to win. Hey, it was great to see a couple of 870's out there on the line for the North Team

From both the 2017 Spring meeting and the 2016 Fall meeting, there are a couple of changes to highlight-

1) ALL Junior (age 16-18) and Sub-Junior (age 12-15) shooters will have there registration fees PAID by the CNY Trap League for the 2017 Season. This means the normal registration fee of $10 for each Jr/Sub will still be in the Prize money but the CNY League will pay for it. It is our hope to encourage more young shooters to join the league in 2017.

2) The High Average shooter in the North Division and in the South Division (not to include the Overall High League Average) will each be awarded a trophy at the Annual Shoot-Off Tournament for 2017 and future years.

2017 Week 20 Highlights: 

The regular season is over. All shooters need to review their scores for accuracy as soon as they are posted to this site. Contact your team captain immediately with any errors.

As everyone knew already, Toad Harbor is the 2017 Northern Division Champ, finishing with no losses and no ties, actually only a single match was even close throughout the year. There was some excitement in the North on the final evening as Central Square pulled-off a one bird win over South Shore. As mentioned here last week, it looked like South Shore and Pathfinder would finish the year in a tie for second place in the division, but Central Square could not be ignored. Well, Central Square did it, playing the spoiler and relegating South Shore to third place. Pathfinder beat North Sportsman 194 to 172. Central Square finishes in fourth and North Sportsman finishes fifth.

In the South, there is more parity and therefore more excitement as the final evening wrapped up. Pompey had a one point lead over Skaneateles heading into their final-night matchup at Pompey. Maybe Pompey had become overly reliant on DeWitt helping them out recently, but they certainly were not ready for what Skaneateles brought to their place! Skaneateles was more than ready, posting ten 25's against Pompey's five for a 200 to 197 victory, giving them the two points needed to take first place from Pompey!

DeWitt, accustomed to finishing in last place, was a little lost being one point ahead of both Bridgeport and Three Rivers coming into the final evening. Things were looking pretty good for them as it seemed this year would be one of the few where they did not finish in the cellar. Unfortunately, sub-junior Austin Polinsky lead Bridgeport to a 192 - 190 win at Dewitt. Dewitt's hopes were still alive as third place Camillus would certainly handle 3 Rivers, right? Well… no, 3 Rivers had 25's from Joe Caples and Chad Findlay to manage a tie with Camillus, giving them the single point they needed to catch DeWitt and force a tie for last place. DeWitt will be looking for a sweep against 3 Rivers next year for this!

This year the North has the edge over the South as far as the hi-average shooters are concerned. Although the South has dominated the 5-Man Team event over the last decade, it looks like the pressure is on this year!

2017 Most 200's: Toad Harbor (10), Pompey (7) and Skaneateles (4).

2017 Current Streaks: Chris Coogan and Wayne Wilcox - 75, Gary Rizzo, Phil Ricklefs, and Dennis Billington at 50.

2017 Long Runs: Rick Liberty, Cliff Haaf, Joe Fredericks, Dave Shipman, and Tim Wilcox - 100 straight.

2017 1st-Time League 25's: Jason Ruhs, Tavish Johnston, Evan Stone, Jeff Yankee, KC Schmeling, Gene Remington, Shane Potter, Mike Dougher, Ed Powell, Kevin Jones, Rick Tidd, Dean Myers, Bill Benz, Jim Palumbo, Jerry Shaffer, and Chuck Chernoff.

2017 Most 25's:

Name Club 25’s
Joe Fredericks 3 Rivers 9
Tim Wilcox Pompey 9
Jim St. Pierre Pompey 9
Wayne Wilcox Pompey 9
Bob Green Toad Harbor 8
Rick Liberty 3 Rivers 8
Cliff Haaf Pompey 8
Chad Landon Skaneateles 8
John Stanley Skaneateles 8
Rich Bobbett Skaneateles 8
Chris Coogan South Shore 8

2017 Average Leaders through Week 20 (Must have shot 1st & last weeks, plus total of 13 weeks (N) or 16 weeks (S):

Congrats to Toad Harbor's Bob Green, who has locked-up the League High Average Award for 2017 with a 97.25 average! Gary Rizzo wins the Hi-Average in the North and Wayne Wilcox takes the Hi-Average award in the south.

Any ties for the 5-Man Team eligibility will be settled based on the shooters' score on the 50 targets in the League Championship.

Note: High-Average listings for North & South, regardless of target requirements, are available at the League High-Averages link in heading at top of page.

Bob Green 97.25 Toad H. Wayne Wilcox 96.84 Pompey
Gary Rizzo 97.00 C.S. Rick Liberty 96.21 Three Rivers
Dave McCrea 96.75 Toad H. Cliff Haaf 96.20 Pompey
Chris Coogan 96.25 South Shore Jim St. Pierre 96.20 Pompey
Dan Frigon, Jr. 95.71 C.S. Joe Fredericks 96.00 Three Rivers
Keith Chesbro 95.47 Toad H. Chad Landon 96.00 Skaneateles
Greg Pardee 95.14 Toad H. Len Kallfelz 95.79 Skaneateles

2016 Season Highlights

2016 League Championship:

The League Championship Shoot-off was held Sunday, September 11th at the DeWitt Fish & Game Club. High winds made for a very challenging day as only 3 shooters managed to break all 50 targets. Len Kallfelz of Camillus was first in with a 50, soon followed by Peter Catalano and his son Peter Jr., both shooting for DeWitt. In the shootoff, Peter Jr. was down two targets, and his dad down one with only two targets left, while Len was still straight. The targets were sporty and Len dropped his 24th.

Peter Jr. claimed the Class A Champion trophy, while Len and Peter Sr., returned to the line for another round of 25. In the second round, Peter Sr. did not let the pressure get to him, breaking all 25 targets to Len's 24. Len Kallfelz claimed the League Champion Runner-up award, while Peter Catalano is the 2016 CNY Trap League Champion!

A nice day for the Catalano family was made even better as son Christopher was the League Sub Jr. winner also.

2016 Week 20 Highlights:

In the Northern Division, Toad Harbor repeats as division champion, but runner-up Pathfinder made sure they had to work for it. Toad traveled to Pathfinder needing at least a tie to claim the title, and ended up with a win in a very close match, 199 to 198. Following up on their 194 from last week, North Sportsman had another good night, beating Central Square 188 to 187 with Bill Steding's 25 making the difference. South Shore had a bye and finished in 3rd place, with Central Square and North Sportsman rounding out the final two spots.

In the South, Skaneateles beat Three Rivers 199 to 197 and claimed the division title handily, finishing 5 points ahead of second place Pompey. Pompey traveled to DeWitt and put a lot of chalk on the board with their 200 to 194 win. Lee Smith reached 100-straight and led Bridgeport to a nice win over Camillus, 198 to 195, crushing DeWitt's quest to stay out of last place. Camillus, Three Rivers, Bridgeport and DeWitt finished the season in 3rd through 6th places, respectively.

The 5 man team in the South had a very close race among the top 6 contenders. Tim Wilcox was at #6 entering the final night, just barely trailing the 3rd through 5th place shooters. He posted an early 25 to give himself a chance at moving up a few places on the list, but none of the others gave up any ground, all posting 25's to keep from getting displaced.

Congratulations to John Wallace, his son Daniel Wallace, and grandson Keegan Wallace, who each shot a 25 straight for Pathfinder on June 21, 2016. John, one of only a handful of NY shooters to ever break 100 straight in handicap at the NYS Shoot, was on the board first and especially proud to see Dan and Keegan tie him that night since every one of those targets was needed to get the 200 and tie Toad Harbor.

At the Spring 2016 CNY League meeting Dick Masterpole stepped down (up?) and is now the CNY League President for 2016 while Chris Pollichemi has assumed the role of Secretary/Treasurer for 2016. We should all thank Dick Masterpole for over 10 years hard work as the CNY Trap League Secretary/Treasurer!!
2016 Current Streaks
: Rick Kenyon at 175, followed by Lee Smith at 100, and Len Riedl, Vic Francis, Dan Wallace, Mark Cole, Jack Waldron, CR Haaf, Dave Bean, Fran Lightenfield, Ray Burgett, Rick Liberty, Rick Mothersell and Wayne Doctore at 50.

2016 Most 200's: Toad Harbor - 9, Pathfinder - 4, Pompey - 4, Camillus - 1, Skaneateles - 1

2016 Long Runs: Rick Kenyon - 175; Jason White, Bob Green, Chad Landon, Dan Frigon Jr., George Hart, and Lee Smith - 100

2016 1st-Time League 25's: Jason Buckingham, Dave Peckham, Teresa Sauro, Eric Smith, Alex Bittel, Stephanie Green, Jordan Hall, Colin Whalen, Chad Findlay, Jim Daniels, Tom Czarnecki, Lynn Mapstone, Steve Cook, Kim Ganley, Dave Eaton, and Dennis Gaworecki.

2016 Most 25's: To Week 20

Name Club 25’s
Rick Kenyon DeWitt F&G 12
Gary Rizzo Central Square 8
George Hart Bridgeport 8
Chad Landon Skaneateles 8
Jim Rehley, Sr. Toad Harbor 8
Lee Smith Bridgeport 8
Cliff Haaf Pompey 8
Tim Corrente Camillus 8
Rick Liberty Three Rivers 8

2016 Average Leaders through Week 20 (Shot 1st & last week + minimum of 13 scores in North and 16 in South):

Note: High-Average listings for North & South, regardless of target requirements, are available at the League High-Averages link in heading at top of page.

Gary Rizzo 97.00 C.S. Rick Kenyon 98.11 DeWitt
Dan Frigon Jr. 96.25 C.S. Lee Smith 97.60 Bridgeport
Craig Chesbro 96.00 Toad H. Rick Liberty 97.11 Three Rivers
Joanna Bishop 95.75 S. Shore Cliff Haaf 97.05 Pompey
Joe Obey 95.73 Toad H. Tim Corrente 97.05 Camillus
Don Church 95.71 Toad H. Tim Wilcox 96.94 Pompey
Dave McCrea 95.50 Toad H. Chad Landon 96.20 Skaneateles

2015 Season Highlights

2015 CNY Champs

2015 CNY League Champion and Runner-up: Pompey's Alex Wisniewski breaks 125 straight to beat son-in-law Tim Wilcox!

The 2015 regular season ended August 18th, and it was a record setting year! 836 shooters registered in the league this year, the largest participation ever!

The League Championship was held at the Pompey Rod & Gun Club on August 30th. The weather was great and Pompey had the facility in great shape for the 368 shooters competing.

In the team Division Winners' championship, the North's Toad Harbor took the League title over the South's Pompey by one target, 393 to 392. Skaneateles was the High Club at the Championship with a 395.

In the individual races, host club Pompey's shooters dominated, winning both the Championship and the Champion Runner-up titles.The League Championship was claimed by Alex Wisniewski with 50x50 plus another 75x75 in shootoff over 13 other shooters. After the first round of 25 shootoff targets, only Wisniewski and his son-in-law Tim Wilcox remained. Alex and Tim each continued with another 25-straight in the second round. In the third-round, Tim missed one to claim the Champion Runner-up title with 50x50 plus 74x75, while Alex broke them all to claim the Championship. Congratulations to Alex on winning this prestigious title, breaking a personal best 125 straight on the day!

Class winners were: Class AA: Matt Netto of Toad Harbor 50x50; Class A: Bob Green of Toad Harbor 50x50; Class B: Dennis Billington of Skaneateles 50x50; Class C: Kelly Taylor of Three Rivers 47x50; and Class D: Jeffery Bubb of Pompey 49x50.

Category winners were: Hi-Lady: Patty Logan of Skaneateles 50x50; Hi-Sub Jr: Owen Recore of Toad Harbor 46x50; Hi-Junior: Peter Catalano of DeWitt 49x50; Hi-Vet: Bob Weldin of Pathfinder 49x50; and Hi-Sr. Vet: Don Wells of South Shore 50x50.

The North v South 5-man team competition pits teams of the 5 highest average shooters in each division in a 50-target match. The South's team of Rick Kenyon (49), Rick Liberty (49), Tim Wilcox (48), Jim St. Pierre (49) and Len Kallfelz (47) beat the North's team by a score of 242 to 232.

2015 Week 20 Highlights:

The League wrapped-up another successful regular season on August 18th with 836 registered shooters, the largest participation ever!

In the North, Toad Harbor couldn't quite match their performance of August 4th, only managing to post twenty 25's on the way to a 200 to 193 win over North Sportsman! Toad Harbor is the 2015 Northern Division Champion. Second place Pathfinder also posted a 200 in their win over South Shore's 197. South Shore finished third, with North Sportsman and Central Square taking fourth and fifth place in the division.

In the Southern Division, Pompey traveled to Three Rivers knowing that the Division title rested on at least a tie, or as a last resort relying on last place DeWitt to beat second place Camillus. Similar to last week, Pompey's top shooters where absent from the top of the board, but three 25's were still turned in, including a league 1st time 25 by Dennis Bobbette, to claim the win by a score of 195 to 193. Pompey is the 2015 Southern Division Champion. Dewitt put up a good show at Camillus, having a chance to tie with their last squad, but ultimately lost 195 to 193. Third place Skaneateles beat Bridgeport 197 to 192. Three Rivers finished in fourth place, followed by Bridgeport and Dewitt in fifth and sixth place.

Rick Kenyon and Dave McCrea had 25's to reach 150 straight, Tim Corrente and Matt Tracey reached 75 straight, and Dave Bean reached 50 straight.

Congrats to Dennis Bobbette and Jared Hemmingway on their 1st-time league 25's!

2015 Most 200's: Toad Harbor (6), Pompey (3), Pathfinder (3), Skaneateles (2), South Shore (1)

2015 Long Runs: Rick Kenyon & Dave McCrea with 150; Len Kallfelz and Mark Dittly with 125; Mike Latocha with 100.

2015 League 1st-Time 25's: Stan Kot, Nate Arndt, Zach Daino, Dave Simmons, Terry Ramsey, Marco Palumbo, Pat Duffin, Jake White, Drew Thoms, Noah Edick, Griffith Goodnou, Cody Bohand, Steve Procopio, Bill Benz, Dennis Bobbette, Vince Giarrusso, and Jared Hemmingway

Congratulations to Toad Harbor on their August 4, 2015 match, possibly the best performance ever recorded in the league. Toad shooters posted twenty-five 25's and twenty-four 24's that evening in a one point win over South Shore. As we find quite often, league records are not available, and some seem to recall a team posting twenty-five 25's before, but adding twenty-four 24's to that makes it unlikely to ever have been matched. I'll go out on a limb here and call it a new league record that will likely never be matched! Toad probably should have retired that board, sprayed some poly on it, and hung it in the Clubhouse! (Now hearing that Pathfinder had twenty-seven 25's one night many, many years ago, but records are likely nonexistent!)

2015 North v. South Team Contenders: (5 highest-average shooters participating at League Championship Shoot-off will comprise the teams)

Dave McCrea 97.71 T.H. Rick Kenyon 98.25 Dewitt
Gary Rizzo 96.27 N. Sp. Rick Liberty 96.89 3 Rivers
Mark Dittly 96.00 S.S. Tim Wilcox 96.60 Pompey
Bill Steding 95.25 N. Sp. Jim St. Pierre 96.40 Pompey
Todd Lund 95.25 Path Joe Fredericks 96.21 3 Rivers
Kris Lamoreaux 95.20 T.H Len Kallfelz 96.21 Camillus
Don Church 95.14 T.H Mike Latocha 95.60 Pompey
Ron Mattes 95.00 S.S Tim Corrente 95.58 Camillus
Dan Frigon Jr. 95.00 C. Sq. John Stanley 95.20 Skaneateles
George Cratsenberg 94.75 T.H. Wayne Wilcox 95.16 Pompey

Most 25's: To Week 20 – August 18, 2015

Name Club 25’s
Len Kallfelz Camillus 10
Rick Kenyon DeWitt 10
Mark Dittly South Shore 8
Tim Wilcox Pompey 8
Jim St. Pierre Pompey 8
Dave McCrea Toad Harbor 8
George Hart Bridgeport 8
Joe Fredericks Three Rivers 7
Rick Liberty Three Rivers 7
Shawn Griffith South Shore 7
Len Riedl DeWitt 7
Tim Corrente Camillus 7
Gary Rizzo North Sportsman 7

THANK YOU TO MYRON JOHNSON! Myron has served as President of this league for longer than he is willing to admit. At the 2015 League Fall meeting held September 29th, Myron announced he has decided to step-down from the office. All 800 shooters in this league owe Myron thanks for the time and effort he has devoted to the organization over the years. Let's wish him well and hope he can get back to actually enjoying the league more without having to worry about administrative issues next year! Chris Pollichemi of Camillus Sportsmens' Club is our new President. Congratulations to Chris!

2014 Season Highlights

2014 CHAMPIONSHIPS: The League concluded its 2014 season on September 7th with the Championship Shootoff. Dave McCrea, Cliff Haaf, Joe Macewicz, Keith Chesbro and Wayne Doctore each broke 50x50 in the main event and continued in shootoff to determine the League Champion. Keith, Joe, and Wayne dropped-out after the first round of shootoffs, leaving Dave and Cliff to continue for the title. Dave won the Championship with 50x50 in shootoff, while Cliff claimed the Runner-up title after 48x50. Keith was the Class AA winner and Wayne claimed the Class A trophy.

2014 Champion: Dave McCrea 50x50 + 50 sh; Runner-up: Cliff Haaf 50x50 + 48 sh; Class AA Winner: Keith Chesbro 50x50 + 24 sh; Class A Winner: Wayne Doctore 50x50 + sh; Class B Winner: Rick Mothersell 48x50; Class C Winner: Dave Porter 48x50; Class D Winner: Keegan Wallace 45x50; Hi-Lady: Cathy Barney 48x50; Hi-Sub Jr: Dave Barley 48x50; Hi-Junior: Peter Catalano Jr. 48x50; Hi-Vet: Bob Weldin 49x50; Hi-Sr. Vet: Charlie Faes 48x50.

Toad Harbor was the Club Champion with 396x400.

The South's Team of Rich Prior (48), Rick Kenyon (48), Lee Smith (49), Cliff Haaf (48) and Tim Wilcox (50) won the 5-Man Team competition over the North by a score of 243-241.

2014 North v. South Team Contenders: (5 highest-average shooters participating at League Championship Shoot-off will comprise the teams) Note - subject to change as data is received.

Gary Rizzo 96.800 Rich Prior 98.000
Don Sadue 96.000 Rick Kenyon 97.263
Shaun Griffith 96.000 Lee Smith 97.000
Mark Dittly 96.000 Cliff Haaf 95.556
James P. Davies 96.000 Tim Wilcox 95.530
Bob Weldin 95.750 Jim St. Pierre 95.368
Dave McCrea 95.750 Jeff Bell 95.158
Keith Chesbro 95.692 Rich Bobbett 94.750
Don Church 95.500 Dave Coon 94.526
Erik Gibbs 95.500

2014 Most 200's: Toad Harbor (10), Pompey (7)2014 Long Runs: Rick Kenyon 175, Jim Kenyon and John McDaniel with 125.

2014 CNY League @ NYS Shoot: Mark Patterson had his Skaneateles team in top-form at the 2014 NYS Trapshooting Championships, with two team members claiming NYS Championship titles. The Singles Championship came down to an all Skaneateles team final, with John Stanley taking the NYS Singles Championship in shoot-off over teammate Justin Slater, who claimed the Junior-Gold title. Justin also won the NYS Doubles Championship (with 100x100), and the Junior Gold titles in the High All-Around and the High Overall Championships.

In the Singles Championship, Chad Landon and Alexis Coningsby took the Parent/Junior title, while Justin Slater and Chris Landon took the Class AAA 2-man team title. Alexis Coningsby also claimed the NYS Sub-Jr Runner-up titles in the Singles, Doubles, and Handicap Championships. Patty Logan was the Lady II Runner-up in the Singles Championship as well as taking the Lady II title in the Sportsman's Singles and the Class Singles events. Trevor Parker won the NYS Junior title in the Doubles Championship, as well as the Jr. title in the HOA Championship. Heidi Womer won the Lady I RU title in the Handicap Championship. Justin Slater also won the Junior Gold titles in the Sportsman's Singles and the Class Singles.

Congratulations to Urb Womer for his recent induction to the NYSATA Trapshooting Hall of Fame!

Other League shooters bringing home trophies from the State Shoot:

Bridgeport: Junior shooter Matt Carr brought home two NYS Championships, successfully defending his title as Junior Champion in the Singles Championship, and adding the Junior title in the Handicap Championship.

DeWitt F&G: Jimmy Kenyon won of 4 of the 5 State Sub-Junior Championships, taking titles in the Doubles, Handicap, High All-Around and High Over-All Championships. Jimmy was also the Sub-Junior winner in the Preliminary Singles, Sportsman's Singles, and the Class Doubles events. His dad Rick won the Class AA High Over-All title. Joe Sacco was part of the winning Class D two-man team in the Singles Championship.

North Sportsman: Tyler Forshier was on the winning Class D two-man team in the Singles Championship, as well as winning the Class D titles in the High All-Around and High Over-All Championships.

Pathfinder: John Rudy won the Senior-Veteran title in the Doubles Championship while his son, John Rudy Jr., took 7th place in the Handicap Championship. Bob Weldin was the Class B winner in the Class Doubles event. Jim Wright was the Class C winner in the Sportsman's Singles.

Pompey: Kim Wilcox won the Lady I title in the Handicap Championship after shoot-off, while husband Tim won the Class A title in the Doubles Championship and was the Class AA winner in the High All-Around Championship. Adding to the family's success, Kim's dad Alex Wisniewski won the Sub-Vet title in the Handicap Championship.

Toad Harbor: Don Sadue won the 22-23 yardage group in the preliminary handicap plus the Sub-Vet title in the Trapshooting USA Handicap. Joe Macewicz won Veteran Runner-up in the Handicap Championship.