Central New York’s Premier Trap League
League High Averages


How’s this for High-Average! Not that his ’80 and ’81 averages were all that bad, but John Rudy had back to back seasons in 1982 and 1983 where he missed only a single target in each season, ending with a .9967 average each year. Probably a slow pull snuck in there back in those days!

Current High Averages:
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North High Averages (Raw Average without requirements) FINAL

South High Averages (Raw Average without requirements) FINAL


High Overall Average
High Lady N & S
High Sub Junior N & S
High Junior N & S
High Veteran      N & S
High Senior Veteran N & S Most Improved      N & S
North Team Winner

South Team Winner

High    N & S Division Avg
2018 Tim Corrente  98.00 Joanna Bishop & Brianna Palumbo
Trevor Humez & Marco Palumbo Dominick Boyke & Joseph Mosack
Ron Mattes & Cliff Haaf
Glenn Adams & Mike Latocha
Patrick Billion (+14.4) & Patrick Hart (+18.4)
 Pathfinder Skaneateles Dan Frigon Jr & Rick Kenyon
 2017 Robert Green 97.25 Joanna Bishop & Heidi Womer
Trevor Humez & Marco Palumbo Zakery Humez & Alexcis Coningsby
Glenn Adams & Cliff Haaf
John Wallace & Mike Latocha
Jeff Yankee & Austin Polinsky
Toad Harbor Skaneateles Gary Rizzo & Wayne Wilcox
2016 Rick Kenyon 98.11  Joanna Bishop & Alexcis Coningsby
 Anthony Peterson & Marco Palumbo Zackery Humez & Hunter Nerber
 Bob Weldin & Cliff Haaf  John Wallace & Tom Anthony  Ben Nash & Jeffery Bubb  Toad Harbor Skaneateles N/A
2015 Rick Kenyon 98.25 Joanna Bishop & Pat Logan Caleb Clarke & Chris Catalano Cody Bohland & Peter Catalano Jr  Glenn Adams & Mike Latocha
 John Wallace & Joe St. Pierre
Keith Benjamin & Kristen Kulas
 Toad Harbor  Pompey
2014  Rich Prior 98.00  Joanna Bishop & Pat Logan Dave Barley  & Jim Kenyon Cody Mothersell  & Matt Carr
 Bob Weldin & Cliff Haaf  Don Wells & Bill Tambs  Thomas Steding & Aileen Schmidt
Toad Harbor Camillus
2013  Ray Kubacki 97.714
Joanna Bishop & Cathy Barney
JJ Johnson & Jim Kenyon
Zachery Revoir & Matt Carr
Joe Macewicz & Cliff Haaf
John Wallace & Joe St Pierre
Mark Cowlin Jr & Jessica Bean
 Pathfinder Pompey
2012 Joe Fredericks 97.684
 Joanna Bishop & Jackie Chapin
 JJ Johnson & Matt Carr
Cody Mothersell & Frank Kulas Jr
Nelson Pratt & Cliff Haaf
Bob Howard & Joe St Pierre
Jen Davies & Jim Kenyon
Toad Harbor Skaneateles
2011  Justin Slater 97.412
 Dottie Wells & Cathy Barney
Kyle Jones & Matt Carr
James P Davies & Nathan Stroup
N. Pratt/D. Wells & Cliff Haaf
John Rudy Sr & Tim Wylde
 Joe Daino & Glenn Hewitt
Toad Harbor  Pompey
2010 Cliff Haaf 97.6 Joanna Bishop & Cathy Barney
James P Davies & Trevor Parker
Tom Haynes & Connor Webb
Nelson Pratt & Dave Shipman
John Pawlicki & Marty Diamond
 Lori Savino & Laura Wilcox
Toad Harbor Skaneateles
2009 Todd Wilder 97.111 Sue Barney & Meg Flynn
Justin Slater & Chris McHale
 Thomas Haynes & Josh Bobbette
Paul Anderson & Dave Shipman
Harm Stearns & Bob Weigand
Joe Seymour & Rita Stanley
Toad Harbor Camillus
2008 Paul Anderson 98.2 Barbara Pratt & Meg Flynn
Tom Haynes & Chris McHale
Jacob Kubacki & Kyle Murphy
Al Gutchess & Dave Shipman
Gary O’Dell & Bob Weigand
 Joe Seymour & Ron Simmons
Toad Harbor Camillus
2007 Dave Shipman 97.8 Dianne Maitland & Meg Flynn
Tom Haynes & Chris McHale
Jake Davies & Tyler Marcy
 Dave VanCour & Mike Latocha
Rodger Elliott & Tim Wylde
Dylan Horning & Ben Jeffries
Toad Harbor Camillus
2006 Pete Savino 98.105 Pat Logan & Meg Flynn
 Jim Nowodworski & Jeremy Connors
Bobby Bowers & Chas LaDue
Dean Reichard & Dave Shipman
Gary O’Dell & Dick Smith
Ray Meiner & Jim Dewitt
Pathfinder Camillus
2005 Cliff Haaf 98.6   Pat Logan & Linda Weinerth  Troy Lund & Kyle Murphy    Nick Weaver & Chas Ladue  Merwin Backus & Dave Shipman  Harm Stearns & Dick Smith Cody Pericho & Sharlene Crowell  Toad Harbor Camillus
2004 Todd Wilder 98.526
 Barbara Pratt & Meg Flynn
?  Archambo & Jared Greczyn
 Nick Weaver & TJ Lefebvre
Rodger Elliott & Dick Smith
 Bob Davies & Jack Gutchess
? Olszewski & Dan Rice
 Toad Harbor
2003  Todd Wilder 99.0
Barbara Pratt & Pat Logan
Nick Weaver & TJ Lefebvre
Jared Greczyn (S)
Bob Davies & Bob Weigand Jr
Jim Nowodworski & Lisa Bolinger
 Toad Harbor
2002 Bill Chapin 98.316
 Barbara Pratt & Pat Logan
 Nick Weaver & TJ Lefebvre
 Andy Gronau (S)
Stub Mooney & Jack Gutchess
 N/A  Dan Bobbett (N)
 Pathfinder Pompey
2001 Cliff Haaf 97.8
 Patricia Wentworth & Pat Logan
 Dan Kelly & Jared Greczyn
 Kris Ostrander & Andy Gronau
Bob Howard  & Al Gutchess

 Toad Harbor
2000 Rick Kenyon 97.263 Barbara Pratt  &   Pat Fiume
 Paul Roddy & Andy Gronau
John Boutell & Wes Woolridge Jr
Bob Howard & Bob Weigand
Bill Comstock & Dave Bean
South Shore
1999 Cliff Haaf 98.8
Barbara Pratt & Pat Fiume
J Boutell & J Warner
 D Hart & D Sambrook
Bob Davies & Tim Wylde
 N/A ??
 Toad Harbor
1998 Cliff Haaf?           N/A    Skaneateles
1997 Ray Kubacki 98.105 Joany Barnett & Kathleen Perkins
 Jeff Mason & Jason St Pierre
Shaun Griffith & Nick Hoyt
Bob Howard & Tim Wylde
 N/A  John House & Cindy Preuss
Toad Harbor
1996 Jim St. Pierre 97.684 Barbara Pratt & Charlene Cole
Dave Hart & Nicklaus Hoyt
Jon Karp & David Sambrook
Tom Whitaker & Jack Gutchess
Shaun Griffith & Jason St Pierre
Toad Harbor Pompey
1995  Dave Shipman 98.6
 Barbara Pratt & Kathleen Perkins Billy Adamo & Nick Hoyt
 Jon Karp & Charles R Haaf
Harm Stearns & Tim Wylde
N/A   Michael Marmon & Marcia Grylls
 Toad Harbor
1994  Joe St Pierre 98.2  Barbara Pratt & Kathleen Perkins Ben Miller & Nicklaus Hoyt David Welch & Bruce Warner Rich Johnson & Tom Duckett Sr  N/A Saun Griffith & Rich Penoyer  Toad Harbor Bridgeport
1993  Charles Woodruff 98.4  Barbara Pratt & Joany Barnett  Jon Karp & Chuck R Haff David Welch & Steve Schoonover  Harmon Stearns & Jack Gutchess  N/A  Matt Seamans & Bill Perkins  Toad Harbor Three Rivers
1992  Robert Griffith 97.75 Diane Maitland & Joany Barnett Jon Karp & Bruce Warner David Welch & Chris Pynn  Don Schraenkler & Tom Duckett Sr
 N/A  Rocky Holcomb & Bruce Warner  Toad Harbor Three Rivers
1991  Bill Tambs 98.93  Barbara Pratt & Joan Barnett David Welch & Steve Schoonover, Jr.   Andy Palya & John Ostrander Milt Van Epps & Tom Duckett Sr
 N/A Nathan Johnson & Jim Defuria  Pathfinder  Three Rivers
1990  Lou Green 99.33  Barbara Pratt &  Sue Warner Jim Wright Jr & Brian Smith Thad Clark &  John Ostrander Milt Van Epps & Ralph Beard  N/A Ed Miller  &       Meg Flynn  Toad Harbor  Skaneateles
1989 Bob Griffith 98.33 Dianne Maitland & Anne Jeffries Joel Holl &   Tom Evans Andy Payla & John Ostrander Charles Allen & Ralph Beard  N/A Andy Palya &  Dave Rankin Toad Harbor  Skaneateles
 1988  Bob Howard 98.33 N/A  Toad Harbor Skaneateles
    1987 Mike Latocha/Dave Shipman/ Charlie Woodruff 98.1
 Dianne Schoder & Anne Jeffries  Greg Gibbs & Chad Landon  Casey Coughlin & Tom Unz Charles Allen & Tom Duckett Sr  N/A
    1986  John Rudy Sr  98.9
 Laura Rebstock & Anne Jeffries
 Jim Benedict & Ron Clark
 Tom Lethenon & Daryl Pynn
 Charles Allen & Tom Duckett Sr

 Doug Adolf & Jim Allen

 Toad Harbor
    1985  John Rudy Sr 97.3
 Laura Rebstock & Sandy Edgerton
 Jim Benedict & Jim Clarke Jr
 Jeff Brown   & Bob Karker
 Harold Ramsdell & Tom Duckett Sr
 N/A  Jack Springler & Dan Sitnik
 Albion  Skaneateles
 1984  Charles Woodruff 98.4
 Julie Patchett & Anne Jeffries
 Dave Smith & Bob Karker
 Jim Benedict & Jim Clarke Jr
 Charles Allen & Tom Duckett Sr
 N/A  Wayne Heller & Frank Mills
 Pathfinder  Skaneateles
 1983  John Rudy Sr 99.67  Connie Grant & Anne Jeffries
 Dave Smith Jr & Jim Masterpole
 Jeff Brown & Travis Dann
 Charles Allen & Tom Duckett Sr
 N/A  Jim Benedict & Jenny Higgans
 Pathfinder  Skaneateles

 John Rudy 99.67

             Pathfinder  Skaneateles
 1981  Neal Sterns 98.1
 Julie Pratchett & Dana Riggall Scott Lehtonen & Rich Johnson  Scott Wickert & Dan Devoe
 Charles Allen & Tom Duckett Sr ?
 N/A  Nick Marsella ? & Dick Masterpole
?? ??
 1980  Jim Carroll 98.3
 Gail Giddings & Sandy Edgerton
 Scott Wickert & Kenny Way
Tom Davis & Dan Devoe/Mark Reynolds     Charles Allen & Richard Alfred
 N/A  Fred Cogan & Butch Latocha  ??  ??
 1979            N/A    Pathfinder  Skaneateles
 1978  Mark Manning 98.18  Gail Giddings & Anne Jeffries  Joe Obey & Dan Devoe
 Rick Koenig & Mike Spears
Charlie Allen &  Watson Fay
 N/A  John Burns & Steve Corrente
 Central Square
 1977  Dave Bontomase 99.2 (Albion)          N/A    Pathfinder  Skaneateles
 1976           N/A      
 1975            N/A    Pathfinder  Skaneateles
 1974                Pathfinder  Skaneateles
 1968  Joe St Pierre 98.29          N/A  Dick Damon (Mad River) & Pat Goodfellow (Carrier)

The League is looking for past records. Please contact Rick Kenyon or Chris Pollichemi with any information.

Note that some of the winners listed from many years ago may be incorrect until target requirements for those years are confirmed.